Audaces fortuna juvat

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Audaces fortuna juvat?

Recently, I was asked what “Audaces fortuna juvat” meant. I myself learned this phrase from my brother, as I never had a chance to learn Latin. I had chosen it to be my blog title, since it is the phrase that constantly inspires me. And I’d like to share it with everyone. The literal meaning is that “Fortune favors the bold.” Only the brave aim for high goals, and only the bold have the courage to stand up in great difficulties with an undaunted soul. Once translated into English, the phrase is so obvious. Only when one tries, opportunity opens up. When one does not try, nothing will change. This is one of those lines that just stick to one’s head and really do ring true. Stagnant water loses its purity. Do not fear and step forward. Then new opportunities will spring up.


5 Responses to “Audaces fortuna juvat?”

  1. jeff carpenter said

    I recently got my family crest tattooed on my ribs, under the image is a banner that states “audaces fortuna juvat.” Never knew what it meant, thanks for the information.

  2. Victor said


    is my slogan too, my friend.

    In Romanian is “Soarta il ajuta pe cel indraznet” We also say that God is giving you what you wish but He is not put it in your bag…

  3. Libby said

    FYI, Audaces Fortuna Juvat was also the “motto” of the USS Swordfish, SSN-579, the second nuclear naval “skate” submarine.

  4. Laura said

    this is interesting, it is also the Morgan family crest’s latin phrase!

  5. Rasmus said

    Futhermore, it is the latin phrase of the “Jydske Dragonregiment” Which is a regiment of Dragoons in the Royal Danish Army. It is however phrased as “Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat” but the meaning is the same.

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