Audaces fortuna juvat

Working towards my dream


Hmm.. the following is a poem that I wrote last year (2006-2007),
borrowing Langston Hughes’ style when writing “Theme for English B.”
I think it represents myself fairly well 🙂

“Theme for English 11”

)Ms. Porter said,
Now go, and write a poem.
Write your own Theme for English B.
“Let that page come out of you—
Then, it will be true.”

On the way home, on the bus,
I sat down and pondered.
What might it be that can show me?
What might it be that is for me?
Who is Catherine Moon?!

I like martial arts,
I like actions.
I like mysteries,
Especially the brainteasers.
I like learning the unknowns.

I love my family,
I love people.
I love the wind,
Especially the breeze.
I love the sky and the stars.

I stand here, at the present time.
Where everything’s changing, including myself.
To predict the future is to create one.
I do step forward, to reach my dreams.
I enjoy the world that envelops me.


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