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Goals versus Happiness

Posted by C Moon on December 7, 2007

In his essay Coming Home Again, Chang-Rae Lee remembers the last days with his mother. Because she was suffering from cancer, the whole family, i.e., Chang-Rae, his sister, and his father, were trying to create a last fond memory if possible. Particularly, Chang-Rae tries to cook many tasty cuisines to stimulate his mother’s appetite. Actually, her last days with her family are a compensation for her long sacrifice. By setting her goal to be her husband’s success and her children’s happiness, Chang-Rae’s mother constantly lowers herself. Moreover, she sends Chang-Rae to a boarding school solely for his success. Even when she cries in the car, the one who makes her cry, Chang-Rae, does not even know that. Though the mother sacrificed her early goals, she was only able to get a slight happiness when her life reached the end.

Chang-Rae’s mother left aside her goals and devoted herself for the others; however, she ultimately failed to attain her happiness. When people seek their own goals, people are more likely to achieve their happiness. After all, people set their goals because they do know what they need for their own happiness.

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Photo Credits: “Happiness is warm puppy” by hale_popoki on Flickr

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One Response to “Goals versus Happiness”

  1. Dammika said

    I guess you’d agree that another person cnnot attest to anyone else’s state of mind accuratela. How could you so strongly say that CR Lee’s mother failed to attain Happiness? Lee’s success and the family7s success may have made her mother happy, even though people from different cultures shoe their inner most feelings differntly, so that when you read the essay you may have felt Leee’s mother was not ultimately happy, she may have been. Some people find their ultimate happinesss in the happiness of those that they love, not within themselves. This is not something relavant to Asian cultures alone. In any culture, even in many Asian cultures there are many self- absorbed people who cannot have any thought about giving up something they value for another person’s sake. on the other hand in any country or culture there are also people who can find happiness mainly through self- sacrifice.

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