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Evita: Eva Peron, a Saintess or a Witch?

Posted by C Moon on December 7, 2007

In October this year, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was elected as the President of Argentina. During the election, she was oftentimes compared with Senator Hilary Clinton and Mrs. Evita Peron. Below, I would like to talk about Evita based on the musical Evita that I watched in November 2006 at LG Arts Center in Seoul. The original lyrics of the musical were written by Tim Rice and music was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Earlier the two also worked together in the production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Evita portrays s short but dynamic life of a woman during the turbulent mid-1940s and early 1950s in Argentina. It deals with her struggle for success, love and power as a poor girl of no family, her efforts into her political ideal as Argentine first lady and a popular leader, and her premature death at the age of 33.

In her best days and at the time of her death, Eva Peron was deified and adored as if she was a saintess. However, the musical Evita does not simply accepts that view but tries to present objectively both positive and negative aspects of Eva Peron. It shows Eva Peron’s struggle for love and success in her early life, portraying the human side of Eva Peron. It also shows convert and overt strife for power between military officers including Juan Peron and between the aristocratic class and the Perons, portraying her ambition for political power. Due to unfavorable economic and political conditions at the time, the mass supported Eva Peron with blind faith. In the musical, Che Guevara stands on the opposite side of the Perons, evaluating their intentions and achievements critically.

Evita presents dramatic sequence of events in harmony with enchanting music. The dramatic sequence of events imparts tension to the audience. Choruses burst while arias are sung exquisitely. All these in combination make the actors and the audience share a strong feeling.

To learn more about this musical, read this posting by Kyle Gullings.

Eva Peron’s short but intense life is touching and Eva’s propulsion for life, love, success and power is a true wonder. The last question that Eva asked before her death, whether she might have been happy if she lived a normal life, remains unanswered. However, I believe that she lived a life that no one else can follow, with admirable passion and charm.

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Photo Credits: “Eva Peron” by Maulleigh on Flickr

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2 Responses to “Evita: Eva Peron, a Saintess or a Witch?”

  1. bellalocarocka said

    Eva Peron is my idol and my inspiration. I discuss Eva in my personal blog.

  2. lisa waller rogers said

    Madonna won a Golden Globe award for her portrayal of Eva Peron in the film. Madonna made a comment that essentially said that people either thought Evita was a saint or a devil.
    Thank you for visiting my history blog, Lisa’s History Room, and I hope you come again.

    All my best,
    Lisa Waller Rogers

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