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Gil Grissom in CSI-Las Vegas

Posted by C Moon on December 6, 2007

Even though Gil Grissom is a fictional character of the Crime Scene Investigation series (CSI-Las Vegas), he is one of the persons that influenced me much. He is a forensic entomologist, has a sharp intellect to deduct things from evidence, and solves crossword puzzles easily. He avoids job politics, but he gets the respect of his team members. He seems to have an endless reservoir of knowledge in various fields, ranging from bugs and forensics to literature. The best part of Grissom that influenced me is that he not only has strong tendency toward deduction but also provides me with a different point of view about the same problem.

In the first season of the CSI-Las Vegas, the 9th story was about a death in a plane, titled “Unfriendly Skies.” On a flight to Las Vegas, one first-class passenger was killed, and hence Grissom and his team started to investigate the case. The investigation led to the conclusion that, worrying about the unsubstantiated but imminent possibility that a restless passenger might get the plane down, all other passengers had beaten him to death. Examining the team’s report, the sheriff released all suspects (that is, the murderers) under the reasoning that any passenger facing the uneasy situation might act the same way as a self defense. At the end of the story, the team members discussed whether it was a murder or a justifiable self-defense. Contrary to members’ expectation, Grissom said that they were not rational enough and that everybody was putting his shoes in the other passengers’, ignoring the situation and condition of the dead man. In order to think objectively, sometimes we need a little twist in thinking. I like Grissom because he looks at things at a step away, considering all the evidence, and tries not to judge things prior to the discovery of the whole plot. One of his famous saying is “Concentrate on what cannot lie. The evidence…”

In the above, I mostly emphasized a part of Grissom (being objective and rational). He is also humane, hating abusive husbands and drug dealers who “deal death to kids.” Although Grissom is just a fictional character, he is an ideal role model to me, in that he goes back when he figures out that something’s wrong, he thinks carefully before he acts, and he respects others irrespective of social status and physical condition.

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Photo Credits: “Gil Grissom” by Looking Glass on Flickr

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