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Working towards my dream

How I Formed My Dreams

Posted by C Moon on December 1, 2007

When I was a little kid, I wasn’t a good reader. I preferred physical activities to reading, and most of my free time was spent playing outside. However, as both my brothers loved books, I was naturally exposed to a diverse collection. I gradually became interested in reading and especially fell in love with books on nature, history, mysteries, and adventures. I would say a lot of my dreams and goals were formed through reading books and watching television series on nature and mysteries. Interestingly, my dreams are not similar to those of my friends. Some of my friends oftentimes say to me that I am eccentric and that I see the world too simply.

Among many other books, my early favorites were those concerning the universe and history. History books exquisitely compiling actual stories fascinated me more than novels. While reading history books about and from various ancient times and countries, I found a simple fact that most historians placed their own country on the good side and rival countries on the bad side. I also found that many countries, after losing a war, lost their history. Hence, I am driven to know objectively what happened in the history and would like to attain the ability to interpret historical events on my own. I first considered becoming a military historian to pursue these goals. However, I soon resolved that I actually wanted to explore and discover the history by myself, leading me to the second career goal, an archaeologist.

Korean education system that I experienced before transferring to KIS emphasizes exam scores. Most teachers teach only the topics set to appear on tests, which encourage repeatedly solving similar problems. In addition, the problems in mid-term and final exams were mostly simple and straightforward, since everything you need to reach the answer is already provided. However, I want to learn as many challenging things as possible irrespective of their relevance to tests or grades. I enjoy solving math and science brainteasers, and I love reading detective stories. I like the thrill of trying hard questions, pondering to match the evidence to the given situation and testing to figure out whether my answer was right. My affection for mysteries ranges from classics such as the Poirot collection to recent comics such as Detective Conan and the CSI television series. One of my life dreams is to be a private detective, and a career as a forensic expert came into my mind as another way to expand this goal to capture more of my interest in science. In stories, most plots consist of murder cases ending with the capture of the actual culprits, which was not always the case in reality. Aware that in reality, only evidence tells the truth, I decided that a forensic expert with a solid background in science could solve these mysteries.

I like the words of Michaelangelo, “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.” As I described above, I have numerous dreams that oftentimes say I want to be an archaeologist, a detective, a mathematician, a military historian, or a forensic expert. I am an idealistic dreamer, who loves challenges and wants to follow them. I believe that I have the determination to reach my goals, to solve mysteries and reach truth.

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